Meet the Artist

Jane Friday

  Being able to create a piece of fine art, and having others enjoy its beauty, fills me with awe and wonder. Because we are all born with a desire to create, as an artist I not only wish to fulfill this birthright, but to open up to others this special gift of creativity we all share.

What is western or southwest art? I feel art created in this distinct region of North America is totally unique and different from any other locality in the United States.

Over the years I have realized that every individual has their own interpretation of what constitutes a "work of art." With this in mind, I continue to strive to create the most visually appealing works of art I can produce - appealing not only to the eye, but also to the heart and soul. By competing against myself, I have found discipline and fulfillment in various art forms. I paint with either oils, pastels or watercolors. With painting I can express myself and how I view the world. There is nothing as gratifying as applying those finishing touches to a painting I have spent hours in perfecting.

My wish for all artists is to keep on drawing, painting, sculpting, photographing, or creating in whatever outlet you desire to grow in, and you will have the ultimate happiness - of truly knowing who you really are.


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